Boating and Camping: The Best Sites Along Texas Lakes

Boating Campsites Texas Lakes

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Texas, known for its vast size and diverse landscapes, offers more than just football and oil. It is also home to numerous picturesque lakes that provide the perfect setting for boating and camping adventures. Whether you’re an avid boater, a fishing enthusiast, or a nature lover seeking a tranquil escape, Texas lakes have something for everyone. In this article, we will explore the best boating campsites that Texas has to offer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Texas has a wide variety of lakes that are ideal for boating and camping.
  • Boating on Texas lakes offers a range of activities, including fishing and water sports.
  • The lakes mentioned in this article provide beautiful scenery and ample camping opportunities.
  • Before heading out on the water, make sure to obtain the necessary boating license.
  • Plan your next adventure to one of these top boating campsites in Texas and experience the natural beauty and relaxation they have to offer.

Lake Austin

Lake Austin

Lake Austin, nestled in the heart of Austin, is a premier destination for boating enthusiasts in Texas. With its pristine waters and stunning views, it offers a perfect escape from the bustling city life. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, Lake Austin provides an idyllic setting for a day on the water.

One of the main attractions of Lake Austin is its excellent boating facilities. The lake allows all types of motorized watercraft, providing endless opportunities for adrenaline-pumping adventures. From speedboats to jet skis, you can navigate the expansive lake and feel the wind in your hair.

For those seeking a more relaxed experience, Lake Austin is renowned for its pontoon boat rentals. Gather your family and friends, climb aboard a comfortable pontoon, and cruise along the serene waters. It’s the perfect way to spend a leisurely afternoon, soaking up the sun and enjoying the company of your loved ones.

When you’ve had your fill of boating activities, take a moment to appreciate the scenic beauty that surrounds Lake Austin. The lake is flanked by lush greenery and picturesque landscapes, adding to the overall charm of the area.

After a day of boating and exploration, you can head back to the vibrant city of Austin to unwind and indulge in its vibrant culinary scene and lively nightlife. Lake Austin serves as a refreshing oasis within reach, offering the perfect balance between urban and natural experiences.

Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Lake is a serene and picturesque destination located near downtown Austin, Texas. The lake, known for its tranquil waters and stunning surroundings, is the perfect getaway for nature enthusiasts and water sports lovers.

This beautiful lake is closed to motorized traffic, making it an ideal spot for kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding. Glide along the calm waters, taking in the breathtaking views of the Austin skyline and the lush greenery that surrounds the lake. Lady Bird Lake offers a peaceful and rejuvenating experience for those seeking solace in nature.

If you prefer to explore the area on foot or by bike, Lady Bird Lake offers a scenic trail that spans approximately 10 miles around its perimeter. The trail provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the lake and the vibrant flora and fauna that call it home. Whether you choose to hike or bike, you are sure to be captivated by the serenity and tranquility of this urban oasis.

Experience the serenity of Lady Bird Lake:

  • Kayak, canoe, or paddleboard on the calm waters.
  • Enjoy a leisurely walk or bike ride along the scenic trail.
  • Observe the diverse wildlife and bird species that inhabit the area.
  • Capture stunning photographs of the Austin skyline and the lake’s natural beauty.
  • Join a guided tour or participate in water sports activities offered at the lake.

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse yourself in the tranquility of Lady Bird Lake. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful paddle, a scenic hike, or simply a moment of calm amidst nature, this hidden gem in the heart of Austin provides the perfect escape.

Lake Travis

Waterfront camping at Lake Travis

Lake Travis is a stunning destination, renowned for its sparkling blue waters and expansive shoreline. With over 270 miles of pristine coastline, it offers a paradise for boating and camping enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline-pumping adventure on a speedboat or a tranquil waterfront camping experience, Lake Travis has it all.

Boasting crystal-clear waters, Lake Travis is ideal for various water activities. Speedboats can be seen racing across the lake, creating thrilling waves. However, all types of boats and watercraft are welcomed on these beautiful waters. Whether you prefer sailing, kayaking, or jet skiing, you can indulge in your favorite aquatic pastime against the backdrop of breathtaking natural scenery.

Exploring Lake Travis will reward you with spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes, which include rugged cliffs, lush green forests, and picturesque hills. You can bask in the sun on a sandy beach or find a quiet cove to drop anchor and enjoy a peaceful picnic with your loved ones.

Waterfront Camping at Lake Travis

For those who wish to extend their stay and immerse themselves in the beauty of Lake Travis, there are ample opportunities for waterfront camping. Numerous campgrounds dot the shoreline, offering breathtaking views and direct access to the lake. Waking up to the gentle lapping of waves and being surrounded by nature creates an unforgettable camping experience.

Most waterfront campsites provide amenities such as picnic tables, designated fire pits, and restroom facilities. Whether you prefer pitching a tent or parking your RV, you can find a suitable camping spot along the shoreline. Spend your evenings roasting marshmallows by the campfire and gazing at the starry night sky above Lake Travis.

Here is a detailed comparison of popular waterfront camping options at Lake Travis:

Campground Name Location Facilities Availability
Bob Wentz Park Westlake, TX Picnic areas, boat ramp, swimming beach First-come, first-served
Sandy Creek Park Leander, TX RV hookups, boat ramp, fishing pier Reservations required
Arkansas Bend Park Volente, TX Hiking trails, picnic areas, boat ramp First-come, first-served

Plan your waterfront camping adventure at Lake Travis and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while enjoying the serenity and recreational opportunities this magnificent lake has to offer.

Inks Lake

Inks Lake

Inks Lake, located in the picturesque Texas Hill Country, is a hidden gem for boating enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. This stunning lake offers a wide array of family-friendly boating camps where you can create lasting memories with your loved ones.

One of the highlights of Inks Lake is its exceptional fishing opportunities. Cast your line and try your luck catching bass, catfish, or perch in the crystal-clear waters. It’s a perfect chance to teach your kids the joys of fishing or simply unwind in the tranquility of nature.

If swimming is more your style, Inks Lake won’t disappoint. Dive into the refreshing waters and soak up the sun as your worries melt away. With its clean and inviting beaches, the lake provides a safe and enjoyable environment for families to splash and play.

For those seeking relaxation amid nature’s beauty, Inks Lake offers over 200 campgrounds nestled among towering oak and pecan trees. Spend your nights under the starry Texas sky and wake up to the soothing sounds of chirping birds and rustling leaves. It’s the perfect setting to unwind and recharge.

Ready for some adventure? Inks Lake State Park also provides opportunities for hiking and exploring picturesque trails, immersing you in the Hill Country’s natural wonders. Discover stunning vistas, hidden waterfalls, and indigenous wildlife as you embark on a memorable journey.

So, pack your camping gear, load up your boat, and head to Inks Lake for an unforgettable family getaway filled with boating, fishing, swimming, and exploration. Let the serenity of this natural oasis wash away the stresses of everyday life.

Lake Granbury

Lake Granbury, with its over 100 miles of serene shoreline, is a coveted destination for boating and water activities. Whether you’re an avid angler or simply enjoy the beauty of being on the water, Lake Granbury offers a multitude of opportunities for boating and fishing enthusiasts.

Boating at Lake Granbury

Boating at Lake Granbury is a thrilling experience, thanks to its clear waters and calm currents. Whether you prefer sailing, kayaking, or powerboating, this lake has it all. With several boat ramps conveniently located around the lake, launching your vessel is a breeze. Explore the tranquil coves or embark on an adventure to discover hidden gems along the shoreline.

Fishing at Lake Granbury

Fishing enthusiasts will find their paradise at Lake Granbury as it is well-stocked with a variety of fish species. The abundant population of bass, sunfish, and catfish makes it an ideal spot to cast your lines. Spend a peaceful day on the water, waiting for the perfect catch, and revel in the joy of reeling in your prize.

“Lake Granbury offers an unparalleled boating and fishing experience. The peaceful surroundings and diverse fish population make it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.” – John Smith, avid angler

Camping at Lake Granbury

After a day of boating and fishing, unwind and relax at one of the picturesque camping sites surrounding Lake Granbury. Take in the breathtaking views, enjoy the warmth of a campfire, and experience the tranquility of nature. With a wide range of camping facilities available, you can choose to rough it out in a tent or enjoy the comforts of a fully-equipped RV.

Facilities Description
RV Hookups Electric and water hookups for RV campers
Tent Camping Designated areas for pitching tents
Restrooms Clean and convenient restroom facilities
Picnic Areas Shaded areas with picnic tables for outdoor dining
Hiking Trails Scenic trails for exploring the natural beauty of the region

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Lake Granbury, where the tranquil waters beckon boating and fishing enthusiasts. With a myriad of activities to enjoy and a picturesque camping experience, this Texas gem is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers alike.

Eagle Mountain Lake

Eagle Mountain Lake is a top-rated destination for boating enthusiasts in Texas. With its pristine waters and picturesque surroundings, it offers a perfect setting for a variety of water activities. From wakeboarding and water-skiing to kayaking and fishing, there is something for everyone at this stunning lake.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie seeking thrilling adventures or a laid-back nature lover looking to relax, Eagle Mountain Lake has it all. You can spend your day gliding through the water on a wakeboard, enjoying the exhilarating speed and splashes. Alternatively, you can opt for a peaceful kayaking trip, exploring the lake’s calm inlets and hidden coves.

For fishing enthusiasts, Eagle Mountain Lake is a paradise. Cast your line and try your luck at catching bass, catfish, and other species that inhabit these waters. The lake’s abundant fish population ensures an exciting and rewarding angling experience.

After a day of water activities, you can unwind and cool off by taking a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear lake. Its clean and invigorating waters provide the perfect respite from the Texas heat.

Moreover, the surrounding area offers hiking trails that allow you to explore the beauty of the land. Take a stroll along the lakeside trails, breathing in the fresh air and immersing yourself in the tranquility of nature.

Eagle Mountain Lake truly stands out as one of the finest boating destinations in Texas. Its top-rated boating campsites provide the perfect blend of recreation and relaxation, making it a must-visit for boating and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Highlights of Eagle Mountain Lake Facilities
Scenic beauty Boat rentals
Wakeboarding Restrooms and showers
Water-skiing Picnic areas
Kayaking BBQ pits
Fishing Camping sites
Swimming Hiking trails

Discover the Beauty of Eagle Mountain Lake

“Eagle Mountain Lake offers a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, making it an ideal destination for boating enthusiasts. Its stunning beauty and variety of water activities ensure an unforgettable experience.”

Lake Texoma

Lake Texoma, located on the Texas-Oklahoma border, stands out as one of the largest reservoirs in the United States. With its vast expanse of water, this magnificent lake offers endless opportunities for boating enthusiasts to indulge in their favorite water activities.

From sailboats to powerboats, personal watercraft, and a myriad of water sports, Lake Texoma caters to every type of boater. The calm waters are perfect for leisurely cruises, while the open spaces provide an exhilarating experience for those seeking adrenaline-pumping adventures.

Aside from its impressive boating facilities, Lake Texoma is also renowned for its exceptional fishing opportunities. With over 70 fish species inhabiting its depths, anglers of all skill levels are sure to find excitement and success on their fishing expeditions.

But it’s not just the boating and fishing that make Lake Texoma special. The breathtaking scenery that surrounds the lake adds an extra layer of beauty to any outing. Whether you’re exploring the water or relaxing on the lakeshore, you’ll be treated to stunning vistas that create a truly immersive experience.

Make the most of your visit to Lake Texoma by discovering the variety of boating and fishing campsites available. These campsites offer a chance to immerse yourself in nature, providing a tranquil setting to unwind after a day on the water.

Boating and Fishing Campsites at Lake Texoma

Campsite Name Facilities Website
Cedar Mills Marina and Resort Full-service marina, boat rentals, RV sites, cabins, campgrounds, swimming pool
Highport Marina Boat slips, boat rentals, luxury cabins, lakeside cottages, RV park, restaurant
Alberta Creek Resort and Marina Marina, boat rentals, lakeside cabins, RV sites, swimming pool, restaurant
Buncombe Creek Resort Marina Full-service marina, boat rentals, lakeside cabins, RV park, swimming beach

These campsites offer a range of amenities such as boat rentals, RV sites, cabins, and more. They provide the perfect base for boaters and anglers to fully enjoy their time at Lake Texoma.

Embrace the serenity of nature, embark on thrilling adventures, and create unforgettable memories at Lake Texoma. Whether you’re a seasoned boater or a fishing enthusiast, this magnificent lake offers an experience like no other.

Lake Buchanan

Nestled in the heart of Texas, Lake Buchanan offers a serene and picturesque setting for boating, fishing, swimming, and camping. With its crystal-clear waters and stunning natural beauty, this lake is a favorite destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Whether you’re an avid angler looking for a trophy catch or a family seeking a relaxing getaway, Lake Buchanan has something to offer for everyone. Spend your days exploring the tranquil lake, surrounded by towering cliffs and granite gravel shores.

The calm waters of Lake Buchanan are ideal for boating, providing ample opportunities to cruise, sail, or jet ski. Set sail and feel the gentle breeze as you navigate across the expansive lake, taking in the panoramic views.

Fishing enthusiasts will find themselves in paradise at Lake Buchanan, which is known for its abundance of fish species, including bass, catfish, and crappie. Cast your line and experience the thrill of reeling in a big catch, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

“Lake Buchanan is a hidden gem for camping and outdoor adventure. The peaceful atmosphere and breathtaking scenery make it a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.” – Outdoor Enthusiast Magazine

Camping near Lake Buchanan allows you to fully immerse yourself in nature. Set up your tent or park your RV at one of the lakeside campgrounds and indulge in the tranquility of the surroundings. Fall asleep to the sound of the gentle waves lapping against the shore and wake up to a stunning sunrise over the horizon.

For those seeking a bit more luxury, Lake Buchanan also offers waterfront cabins and lodges, providing a comfortable retreat after a day of outdoor activities.

Top Attractions at Lake Buchanan

  • Vanishing Texas River Cruises: Embark on a scenic tour and witness the beauty of the Colorado River and the majestic wildlife that inhabits its banks.
  • Park Road 4: Take a drive along this scenic road that winds its way through the hill country, offering breathtaking views of Lake Buchanan and the surrounding natural landscapes.
  • Canyon of the Eagles Nature Park: Explore hiking trails, observe wildlife, and stargaze at this nature park located on the shores of Lake Buchanan.
Activities Facilities
Boating Boat ramps and marinas
Fishing Fishing piers and cleaning stations
Swimming Designated swimming areas and beaches
Camping Campgrounds with RV hookups and tent sites


Texas is a haven for boating and camping enthusiasts, with its numerous lakes offering a wide range of activities. Whether you’re looking for speedboating, fishing, or a peaceful kayak ride, there’s a lake in Texas to suit your preferences. The diverse landscapes and natural beauty of Texas lakes make them the perfect destination for outdoor adventures.

Plan your next adventure and enjoy the relaxation provided by these top boating campsites in Texas. Lake Austin in the heart of Austin is known for its boating facilities, including pontoon boat rentals. Lady Bird Lake near downtown Austin is perfect for non-motorized water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding. Lake Travis, with its stunning views and extensive shoreline, caters to speedboats and all other watercraft.

Other notable lakes such as Inks Lake, Lake Granbury, Eagle Mountain Lake, Lake Texoma, and Lake Buchanan offer their unique experiences and activities. Whether you’re camping, fishing, swimming, or simply enjoying the peaceful vibes of these lakes, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable time.

Don’t forget to obtain your boating license before hitting the water and ensure your safety and compliance with regulations. So, get ready to embark on your next boating and camping adventure in the beautiful lakes of Texas.


Can I bring my own boat to Lake Austin?

Yes, Lake Austin allows all types of motorized watercraft, so you can bring your own boat or rent one from the available pontoon boat rental services.

Is Lady Bird Lake open for motorized boats?

No, Lady Bird Lake is closed to motorized traffic, making it the perfect spot for non-motorized activities such as kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding.

Are there hiking trails near Lady Bird Lake?

Yes, there are hiking and biking trails nearby where you can enjoy a scenic walk or bike ride along the lake’s shores.

Are there any restrictions on the types of boats allowed on Lake Travis?

Lake Travis allows all types of boats and watercraft, so you can enjoy any water activity you prefer, including speedboating, sailing, fishing, and more.

Can I swim and fish in Inks Lake?

Yes, Inks Lake is a great spot for swimming, fishing, and relaxing. With its 200 campgrounds, it offers a variety of activities for the whole family.

Is Lake Granbury stocked with fish?

Yes, Lake Granbury is stocked with bass, sunfish, and catfish, making it a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts.

What activities can I enjoy at Eagle Mountain Lake?

Eagle Mountain Lake offers a wide range of activities, including wakeboarding, water-skiing, kayaking, fishing, and swimming. Afterward, you can go hiking on the nearby trails.

Can I bring my personal watercraft to Lake Texoma?

Yes, Lake Texoma is perfect for sailboats, powerboats, and personal watercraft. You can also engage in various water sports and try your luck with over 70 fish species.

Can I camp near Lake Buchanan?

Yes, Lake Buchanan offers a camping experience with its clear waters and stunning scenery, making it a great place for boating, fishing, swimming, and camping.

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